Quantity Of Sleep V/S Quality Of Sleep

by Nutri Up on November 04, 2020

Do you remember the last time you felt fresh throughout the day? With the millennial, as we call ourselves it is hard to focus on every aspect of life, we want a steady pay-check and be creative, achieve something in a short span but have no time to work through it and also need a better family life. In short, we have a ‘Time Crunch’; and a complete 8 hours of sleep does not really suffice the stress we face. Have you ever asked yourself; if the 8 hours of sleep you just had helps you get through the day? Does it keep you fresh? If the answer is No, then you might have the right Quantity of sleep but not the Quality!

Quantity of Sleep v/s Quality of Sleep

Unlike sleep quantity, sleep quality refers to how well you sleep. For adults, good quality sleep means that you typically fall asleep in 30 minutes or less, sleep soundly through the night with no more than one awakening, and drift back to sleep within 20 minutes if you do wake up. On the flip side, bad sleep quality is the kind that leaves you staring at the ceiling or counting sheep. It may be characterized by trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, restlessness, and early awakenings.


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  1. Improves Sleep Pattern
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